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Dinner Specials

September Latitude: Spain, Latitude 35º - 45ºN: 
The Spanish Specials may be served with a medley of summer 
vegetables seared in olive oil with garlic and oregano and with 
roasted rosemary potatoes topped with a tomato piquant sauce.


Complete Spanish Latitude 
A four course dinner served family style: Course One; Spanish Tapas (appetizers), Course Two; Paella, Course Three; three Spanish dinner entrees of your choice, Course Four; Churros dessert.

Traditional Spanish casserole; saffron seasoned rice baked with a large prawn, bay shrimp, clams, chicken, and Spanish chorizo.

Seared Lamb with Garlic Sauce
Very tender cut of lamb, the eye of lamb loin, seared then deglazed with a garlic and vinegar creating a wonderful sauce we pour over the lamb. 

Lentil stuffed Sweet Red Pepper
Roasted Sweet Red Peppers filled with lentils, green olives, tomatoes and garlic, baked with alioli (garlic and olive oil) and served over a fresh tomato sauce. A wonderful vegan dish.

Grilled Ahi with Romesco Sauce
Fresh ahi fillet marinated in olive oil and parsley, grilled and served topped with Romesco sauce (roasted sweet pickled red bell peppers blended with toasted hazelnuts and almonds and sautéed onions and garlic). This Catalan sauce is from the town of Tarragona, the fabled old Roman capitol.

Pollo al Sabor de Naranja
Grilled marinated chicken breast simmered in a 
sherry & Seville orange marmalade sauce 
and topped with toasted walnuts.

Spanish Dessert

Churros con Chocolate
Crispy fried pastries served with a cup of thick hot chocolate dipping sauce.



Taste of Spanish Wines
 ½ glass each of two Spanish Wines: A white Alberiño, and 
a red, Sangre de Toro. We will also be serving Sangria, 
red wine infused with fruit and served chilled.


Three baked puff pastries filled with spinach, pinenuts, 
|feta cheese and raisins. Served with pickled onions.


Tortilla Espana
Classic Spanish tapa; pie wedge of layers of potatoes 
cooked with onions and egg and served with a fresh 
tomato and green olive sauce.


Manchego Cheese with Quince Jelly
Spanish Manchego cheese served with quince 
jelly on crackers.




September Lunch Specials:

Pollo de Naranja (Orange Chicken) 
Grilled Ahi with Romesco Sauce

Lunch Specials by week

Served Wednesday through Saturday from 11:30-3 p. m.
In a Hurry? Call ahead or make it “to go”.

Weeks of: April

1-4 Seafood Louis / Fish & Chips
8-11 Salad Níçoise / New Mexican Enchilada
15-18 Fish Tacos / Chicken Salad
22-25 Stuffed Sweet Pepper / Mixed Grill Tostada
29-2 Fish & Chips / Winter Pear and Blue Cheese Sandwich 





Sunday Brunch Specials by week

Served Sunday from 10-3 p.m.
Specials include Champagne or Mimosa and Coffee or Tea

Sundays in February

5 Spanish Sausage Omelet / Banana Rum Crepes
12 Cajun French Toast / Salmon Cakes
19 Empanitas / Spanish Seafood Omelet
26 Winter Pear & Brie Crepes / Japanese Breakfast