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Dinner Specials

November-East Indian Latitude (30˚-10˚)
All dinners are served with basmati rice, caulifower, naan
chutneys, and riata

Raan, Spiced Top Round of Lamb
Baked roll of leg of lamb simmered in a yogurt sauce.

Chicken with Tomato & Spice
Grilled chicken breast sauted with tomato and gram masala.

Curried Seitan
Seiten (Wheat gluten) stewed coriander masala and baked 

Rock Shrimp with Tamarind
Tamarind creates a sweet & sour sauce that the rock shrimp are simmered in

Baked Fish with Coriander
Red Snapper marinated with curry

Complete Indian Latitude
Complete Indian Latitude; a five course dinner from our Indian specials: appetizer course, salad, course three and four, four out of five of the Indian entrees and finished with course five, the pumpkin crme brle Dessert.

November Dessert: 
Pumpkin Crme Brle 




Flying Horse Indian Beer
Creamy full flavored lager, 22oz.

Deep-fried pastries filled with curried 
potatoes and onions. Served with banana raita.

Spicy vegetable fritters made from the chick pea flour. 
Served with a raisin raita.

Curry Chicken & Spiced Cashew Salad
Strips of curried chicken and spiced toasted 
cashews served over a bed of salad.




Lunch Specials by week

Weeks of: November

5-8 Fish & Chips / Winter Squash Fritters
12-15 Spinach Cheese Raviolis / Chicken Marsala 
19-22 Southwest Chicken Crepes / Salmon Cakes
26-29 Winter Salad and Soup / Fish Tacos
27 Thanksgiving Dinner from noon 6 p.m.

Latitudes Specials: Dhal and Chicken with Tomato




  Sunday Brunch Specials by week

Sundays in November
2 Italian Polenta Breakfast / Winter Pear Crepes
9 Cajun French toast / Seafood Omelet
16 Guatemalan Breakfast / German Sausage Omelet
23 Japanese Breakfast / Apple & Brie Crepes
30 Potato Latkes / Salmon Cakes