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Dinner Specials

March Latitude
All entrees are served with quinoa, a complete protein grain from the high 
Andes topped with chimichurri, a spicy sauce from Argentina, and locro, a 
sauteed medley of winter squash, hominy, tomato and onions.

Bass with Hearts of Palm Sauce and Avocado
Fillet of bass baked topped with hearts of palm and a shallot cream sauce, then served topped with fresh avocado slices and a side of salsa. This is a modern dish from Chile.


Prawns, Rock Shrimp, and Clams in Coconut Sauce (Camarão con Coco)
A Brazilian dish; seared prawns, rock shrimp, and clams with onions simmered in a coconut sauce made slightly spicy with paprika.

Choclo: Chilean Chicken 
and Corn Pie

This Chilean national dish is a casserole of grilled chicken breast with sautéed onions and raisins baked topped with a crispy fresh corn crust. Served with pebre, a Chilean salsa. This dish is a combination of Conquistadors and Native Mapuche cultures.


Andean Winter Beef Stew (Huatia)
Tri tip stewed with basil, mint, cilantro, rosemary and parsley with balsamic vinegar and onions for hours till very tender. A dish from the Quechua speaking people around Lima, Peru.

Manioc Breaded Tofu with Ecuadorian Peanut Sauce
Manioc (tapioca flour) breaded tofu with slauteed onions 
and bell peppers served topped with a peanut sauce; peanuts, 
coconut milk and green onion with cumin and fresh cilantro.

South American Complete Latitude
Prix fixe four course dinner from our South American specials: course one, appetizers, course two and three: your choice of four out of five of the special entrees, and course four: dessert – Tres Leche Cake. 
(whole table participation appreciated)

South American Dessert: Tres Leches Pastel
Yellow cake soaked with a sweetened three milks sauce 
and served with fresh berries and whip cream.




Taste of South American Wines 
1/2 glass of three South American Wines: from Chile, Casa LaPostolle’s 
Sauvignon Blanc and Concha y Toro’s Carmenère and
from Argentina, Los Cordos’ Malbec.

Pisco Sour 
Pisco, sweetened fresh lemon juice with a touch of bitters, 
chilled and served in a martini glass. Pisco is a brandy made 
from pink muscat grapes grown in the Huasco 
Valley in Chile.

Feta & Pepperjack Empanadas
Four pastries made from a yuca and wheat dough filled with 
pepperjack and feta and fried. Served with pebre, a Chilean salsa, 
and guacamole.

Matambre and Spinach Salad
Slices of chilled matambre with chimichurri served on a bed of 
spinach tossed with a sweet mustard dressing. Matambre is a roasted 
roll of flank steak around hard boiled eggs and vegetables. 
Chimichurri is a steak sauce from Argentina.


Monthly Lunch Latitude Specials

Served Wednesday – Saturday 11:30-3:00
In a Hurry?! Call ahead or “To Go”

Monthly South American Specials: 
Mixed Seafood in Coconut sauce or Grilled Chicken or Tofu with a Ecuadorian Peanut Sauce.

Lunch Specials by week

Weeks of: March

9-12 Salmon Cakes / Chicken Marsala 
16-19 Corned Beef & Cabbage with Soda Bread / Seafood Boil 
23-26 Winter Squash Cakes / Fish Tacos
30-2 Salmon Cakes / Fish & Chips



  Sunday Brunch Specials by week

Served Sundays from 10-3
Specials served with Champagne or Mimosa and Coffee or Tea

Sundays in March

6 Sausage Omelet / Banana Rum Crepes
13 Tortilla Scramble / Quinoa Griddle Cakes
20 Corned Beef Hash / Cajun French Toast
28 Easter Sunday Brunch (see events for more information)
Easter Sunday – April 11th (please make reservations early)

Special prix fixe brunch includes Champagne or Juice, Hot Cross Bun and Fruit with choice of entrée…
13.95 per person and Children 8.50.