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Dinner Specials

February-Caribbean Specials: Latitude 10º North to the Tropic of Cancer
The islands are a great place to be during February.
All dinners are Served with Red Beans & Rasta Rice, Banana Bread, 
Fried Plantain and steamed Yucca.

Lobster Criolla
chunks of slipper lobster sautéed with white wine and sofrito, a sauce of Spanish origin of sweet peppers, tomatoes, garlic and cilantro, sautéed together. 

Jerked Chicken
The famous Jamaican dish; ½ of a whole chicken baked till tender in a slightly spicy jerk marinate then grilled crispy.  Each village has their own special jerk.  Latitudes’ jerk is a wet paste of Jamaican allspice and rum with onions and peppers.

Blaff with Mahi Mahi
Lime marinated fresh Mahi Mahi pan browned, then poached in a broth of fresh thyme, onions, garlic, chilies and white wine.  The work Blaff comes from the sound the fish makes when it hits the hot skillet.  Mahi Mahi is a moist firm white fish.

Jamaican Tofu
Tofu grilled to a firm consistency, stewed with white wine, lime juice, sautéed onions and fresh thyme, and served topped with toasted almonds and fresh green onions with a side of papaya chutney.

Grilled Jerked Pork
Jerked refers to the method of cooking and 
marinating the 8 oz slice of pork loin.  Lime juice,
green onions, allspice and a judicious amount of 
scotch bonnet peppers make up the marinade.
If you like it spicy hot, we can adjust the seasoning.  
Let your server know you like it hot.

Notes on Dinner

Yucca is a large yam-like root with a dark skin, sometimes called cassava.  We peel the skin, cut the root in cubes and steam them. The root has a firm potato-like flavor and a chestnut like consistency.

Plantain: cooking banana, has a sweet squash like flavor.  We serve plantain chips the Jamaican way, made by deep frying slices, then pounding them flat and refrying them, making chips.

Caribbean Dessert: Banana Fritters served with a Rum Cream Sauce.


Island Starters:

Stamp & Go
Fresh salmon bit size fritters, served with 
pickapepper sauce (sweet and spicy tamarind sauce)

Chicharron de Pollo
 Breaded marinated chicken strips served 
with pickapepper sauce

Dinner Specials
Served with Red Beans & Rasta Rice, 
Banana Bread, Fried Plantain and steamed Yu




Monthly Lunch Latitude Specials

Served Wednesday – Saturday 11:30-3:00
In a Hurry?! Call ahead or “To Go”

Lunch Specials

Caribbean Specials: Baxter Road Fish & Chips / Jerked Pork

2-5 Fresh Salmon Tacos / Tofu Burrito
9-12 Lobster Slippers / Salmon Cakes
16-19 Martinique Curried Pork / Winter Squash Cakes
23-26 Moors & Christianos / Mixed Grill Tostada


  Sunday Brunch Specials by week

Served Sundays from 10-3
Specials served with Champagne or Mimosa and Coffee or Tea

6 Closed for Brunch; we will be catering the Friends of the Library Fundraiser Dinner
We will be open for Dinner. Sorry for any inconveniences.
13 Take your Valentine out to Brunch
Banana Rum Crepes / Crab Cakes

Japanese Salmon Breakfast / Apple & Brie Crepes

27 Caribbean Shrimp Omelet / Cajun French Toast