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Dinner Specials

August Latitude: Italy, Latitude 38º - 47ºN
Most Italian entrees are served with fresh locally grown 
tomato baked topped with olive oil and basil infused 
breadcrumbs and with creamy polenta (coarse corn meal 
simmered till creamy with stock, then flavored with parmesan). 

Complete Latitude
A five course family style dinner: Antipasti: Corno de Toro and 
Bruschetta, Salad: Fresh Mozzarella, Primo: Linguini with Sardinian 
Sauce with Clams, Prawns, and Salmon, Secondo: choice of 3 entrees; 
and Dessert: Polenta Pound Cake with fresh Peaches.


Osso Buco
Beef shank browned and slow baked with Marsala and finely chopped vegetables till melt in your mouth tender. This stew is served topped with a dollop of gremolada (paste of parsley, lemon zest, olive oil and garlic).

Scallops, Prawns, and Salmon with Linguini in Sardinian Sauce
Scallops, Prawns and Salmon strips seared in olive oil, then tossed with linguini in Sardinian sauce (tomatoes, green olives, herbs, garlic and a pinch of crushed red peppers). Served topped  with ricotta salata


Eggplant Roma
Layers of breaded baked eggplant slices, Italian seasoned tofu and mozzarella and parmesan cheeses, and marinara sauce baked together, then topped with a medley of sautéed portabellas mushroom, colored bell peppers and onions sprinkled with parmesan.

Tuscan Albacore
A Tuscan inspired dish; Albacore marinated in a lemon-basil infused olive oil, grilled and served topped with fresh cherry tomato, basil and Spanish olive sauce

Chicken Marsala
Grilled chicken breast simmered in a wonderful sauce 
of Marsala wine reduced with slices of sautéed fresh 
portabella mushrooms and onions. Served topped 
with a sprinkling of parmesan.



Italian Desserts

Polenta Pound Cake with Fresh 
Local Peaches

Rich pound cake made with polenta and almond paste and served with local peaches and custard.

I Dream of Tiramisu
Layers of Mascarpone cheese and custard flavored with brandy and ladyfingers soaked in espresso, topped with bittersweet cocoa.





 Taste of Italian Wines: ½ glass each of three Italian wines:
1/2 glass of two Italian wines; a white Pinot Grigio and a 
red Montepulciano d’Abruzzo.

Slices of baguettes grilled with olive oil and smeared with 
roasted garlic paste and topped with fresh tomatoes and basil 
with balsamic vinegar…4.50 With fresh mozzarella.

Italian Salad with Fresh Mozzarella
Fresh mozzarella and tomatoes with spring salad 
mix topped with a basil infused olive oil with balsamic 
vinegar and slices of bruschetta.

Risotto Stuffed Peppers
Roasted sweet peppers filled with a mushroom and cheese risotto. 
Served topped with a fresh tomato-garlic sauce.

Prosciutto Wrapped Grilled Figs
Figs and Dolcelatte (Italian Gorgonzola) wrapped in 
Parma Prosciutto and grilled.



Monthly Italian Lunch Specials

Chicken Marsala served with fried creamy polenta and foccacia
Scallop, Prawns, and Salmon with Linguini in Sardinian Sauce

Lunch Specials by week

Served Wednesday through Saturday from 11:30-3 p. m.
In a Hurry? Call ahead or make it “to go”.

Weeks of: August

10-13 Prosciutto Sandwich / Italian Bread Salad with Ricotta Salada 
17-20 Mixed Seafood Tostada / Fresh Mozzarella & Tomato Sandwich 
24-27 Seafood Louis / New Mexican Enchilada
31-Set. 3 Penne with Black Currant Sauce / Fish & Chips



Sunday Brunch Specials by week

Served Sunday from 10-3 p.m.
Specials include Champagne or Mimosa and Coffee or Tea

Sundays in August

14 Fresh Mozzarella & Tomato Omelet / Cajun French Toast
21 Prosciutto Omelet / German Potato Pancakes
28 Peach Crepes / Japanese Breakfast
Sept. 4 Grilled Salmon with Romesco Sauce / Pear & Brie Crepes