Art curator, Rosie Stilwell, (530) 885-1121

EAST GALLERY: DAPHNE STAMMER, Contemporary Abstract Artist, has an MS Fine Arts, 1969 from Sacramento State University. Her work has shown nationally and is included in private and public collections internationally.

Daphne's paintings are based on the universal search for abstract order. Through the use of color as a force, she creates a push and pull relationship of harmony and counterpoint. The source of her imagery comes not from imitating nature, but by seeing it as a fresh experience, her particular view, which she then transforms into paintings. After surfacing her canvas with gesso, textural materials, and diluted acrylic washes that have been brushed, spattered, and dribbled, she develops the painting through the organization of form, line, space, and color, all of which dominates her interest. This orchestration gives her work a personal interpretative quality.

WEST GALLERY & BISTRO: VARIAN MACE, watercolorist, has worked as a commercial artist, illustrator, and art teacher for youngsters through college age students. Her exhibit will consist of abstracts, contemporary florals and a few Sierra-Nevada landscapes.

In Varian's abstracts, a natural talent for color, design and texture are expressed. These images reveal a natural form as seen through other dimensions, and uncommon depictions of common concepts.

Varian's crisp, clean botanical approach to floral painting draws from her childhood in the Sierra-Nevada Mountains. She departs from the usual floral still life genre and treats each floral outline as the boundary of an internal universe of flowing colors and textures with every part exhibiting strong character in the overall colorful presentation.

In our Bistro: GEORGE WILNER: Retrospective show, oil paintings and prints with portraits of himself and wife, local artist, Margaret Wilner. George Wilner painted in the “Ash-Can” school, with vigorous color, bold strokes and warmth of feeling describing ordinary people and situations – a style not often seen today.